Special Announcment 1Edit

1 lucky Bboy or Bgirl will get to be an admin on this wiki.   Here is the criteria...

  1. the user MUST have a wikia account.
  2. The user must have created 20 pages on the wiki.
  3. The user must have acceptable content on the wiki.  The wiki is for info only if you want to add personal stuff please do it on the comments section or the forum.

BBoys and Bgirls you are MattyBs inspiration.

Keep following your dreams- MattyB


Ok please stop posting your life stories on the wiki and please keep the content rated G.  This site has many people under the age of 13 visiting it and there not allowed to so inapropiet content and plus its all spam.

Welcome to the MattyB Raps WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to MattyB a 11 year old rapper. His real name is Matthew David Morris  He is a YouTube sensation. His birthday is on the 6th of January. He calls his fans B girls and B boys. He has a brother called Josh (Jeebs) he has his own channel on YouTube called Jeebs TV.

About MattyBEdit

Mattybraps is a 10 year old rapper from Dulutch, Georgia. He currently attends Weslayn School. He is a faggot and spoiled kid who hasnt gone through puberty. He cant freakin sing and is stupid

Latest activityEdit

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